"Intro to 3D Scanning to 3D Printing with Solid Edge"

Present the use of 3D Scanner and processing scan data for 3D Printing using Solid Edge Software

7th July 2021

9 AM - 12 OM

Training Overview

Join us introduction to 3D Scanning adn 3D Printing technologies including preparing the 3D Scan data for 3D printing with Solid Edge Software

The aims are to give experiences to the participants in:

- 3D Scanning techniques

- Live Demo in preparing scan data for 3D printing using Solid Edge

- 3D printing overview

Training Fee

Free of charge

Include: e-certificate

Class Topic

Fablab Jababeka make 3D Scanner, 3D Printing, and Solid Edge accessible by offering an introduction training for beginners:

Course overview:

- Overview of 3D Scanner

- Live Demo Solid Edge, to process the scan data for printing

- Overview of 3D Printing techniques